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21st-Dec-2007 10:31 pm - Video Awards For I Believe My Heart
Video Awards For I Believe My Heart *Coming Soon*
21st-Dec-2007 10:31 pm - Video Awards For Going Under
Video Awards For Going Under *Coming Soon*
21st-Dec-2007 10:22 pm - Video Awards For Changes
Video Awards For Changes *Coming Soon*
21st-Dec-2007 10:20 pm - Video Awards For Imaginary
These are the awards For Imaginary... *Coming Soon*
I'm following the suit of JadeBlood and bumming up support for the Forum Shamrocks and Hearts whose link can be found under the Links on the Sidebar.

I've been on the forum for almost a month now *Wow i thought it was longer* and basically it's THE BEST FORUM I HAVE EVER BEEN APART OF!!!!!!

I have posted more on this forum alone than on any i have been on before and the people over there are fantastic and you make some great friends there trust me *You guys know who you are ;)*

So come and join the fun, honestly- you won't be disappointed that's for sure



19th-Dec-2007 05:06 pm - Vid Award Sites 2007-2008
Newer sites are at the bottom :)

epmva-insleephesangtome-com.jpg http://www.epmva.insleephesangtome.com/ picture by eternaldagana viddingawards-wolfspupden-us.gif http://viddingawards.wolfpupsden.us/ picture by eternaldagana winterevanesce-net-awards.png http://winterevanesce.net/awards/ picture by eternaldagana buffyandangelart-co-uk_ava_updates-.jpg http://buffyandangelart.co.uk/ava/updates.htm picture by eternaldagana mypoetryinmotion-org_index-2.jpg http://www.mypoetryinmotion.org/index-2.htm picture by eternaldagana freewebs-com-fxvidder.png http://www.freewebs.com/fxvidder picture by eternaldagana ladymanson-com.png http://www.ladymanson.com picture by eternaldagana freewebs-com-falseheartawards.gif http://www.freewebs.com/falseheartawards picture by eternaldagana fnva_modern-mythology_com.jpg http://fnva.modern-mythology.com picture by eternaldagana

pothawardsfreefr.gif http://poth.awards.free.fr/ picture by eternaldagana wwwfreewebscom-sweethoneysvideos.jpg http://freewebs.com/sweethoneysvideos picture by eternaldagana wwwfreewebscom-divine_chick.jpg http://www.freewebs.com/divine_chick/ picture by eternaldagana button8.jpg http://aada.unearthed-beauty.com/ picture by eternaldagana link03.gif http://www.freewebs.com/challengeawards/ picture by eternaldagana
EDlink5.png http://www.endlessdesires.bruisedsoul.net/ picture by eternaldagana untitled.jpg http://btvs-vidding-awards.slayerstime.com/ picture by eternaldagana button-phtears-2.jpg http://www.phoenix-tears.hit.bg/ picture by eternaldagana untitled1.jpg http://www.nofrontiers.know-from-dreams.com/ picture by eternaldagana
11th-Dec-2007 11:14 am - SAVE NATHAN PETRELLI

As most viewers of Heroes will already have seen in the Season 2 finale of the show, one of the main characters, Nathan Petrelli aka. Adrian Pasdar was shot and is once again being used as a cliffhanger for the next volume "Villians"

Many Fans have been outraged by the prospect of the character being killed off the show and have started forming groups and websites to help support the actor and his character who, many of us found we couldn't trust in Season One until he sacrificed himself to prevent his radioactive brother Peter (as played by Milo Ventimiglia) from destroying New York.

As a way for Fans to show there support, a new Live Journal community has been set up called Save_Nathan where fans can do there part and support Adrian/Nathan and help the producers to see that this must loved Character must be allowed to stay for another season.

To Show your support, Join the community and help Save Nathan Petrelli

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